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Out of Focus

The irony of being a photographer who feels like her brain is out of focus is not lost on me.

The last few months have been a massive struggle to focus the lens of my mind on any task. I start a conversation and then forget what I was saying. I begin a task and then blank on the next step. I take two steps forward only to stop because I can't remember where I was going. . It is a difficult thing to go from being a person who was absolutely certain of her mind...and boy was it a brilliant someone who questions herself. I'm lucky though to have a partner and 2 pups who on an hour by hour basis help me find the humour in it all. Fred and Carmela love trying to convince me they have not been fed...when they have. And Gordon...well..he is quick to laugh with me when I cock up...and there are so many of them. I am hopeful that it will all get better especially now that it is confirmed that my TBI caused damage to my pituitary resulting in a significant growth hormone deficiency. Fingers and toes crossed when I start on daily growth hormone injections this helps the whole host of symptoms I am having....but especially my lack of focus.

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