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I'm getting a REAL studio!!!

For almost 5 years I've been working on #EncausticArt in a shed attached to our townhouse. Its walls were not insulated, there was no heat, no ventilation, one electrical outlet and a floor that slopped so badly I was constantly falling over.

A night time image of Marta working on a large painting in an uninsulated shed.   There light from only one light bulb.  And Marta is wearing multiple layers of clothing to keep warm on this cold night.
Painting in my studio shed

In the winter I would have to wear multiple layers and paint with the door wide open (picture snot running down my face...dripping onto my canvas). In the summer, I'd sweat my non-existent balls off in my own personal sauna (so much very much)

So the hubby @stillcreeksoap decided it was time to save me from myself. So he got to work. The floor is level, my walls are insulated and finished, an electrician is currently installing additional outlets and a baseboard heater. Next it is time to paint the walls, pick a flooring and install some ventilation so I can work with my shed studio door closed. You guys have no idea how exciting this is for me. The studio is only 8 feet by 5 feet...but it is ALL MINE!!!!....also.....I won't need my cane when I work and am not gonna be falling over in my studio anymore. Happy happy joy joy.

I just had to share.


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