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Stress, Tight Lines and a Rhino

My home is becoming an obstscle course of "stuff" and "boxes". Seriously questioning the sanity of our decision to up and move to a new home.

I feel absolutely no shame admitting I'm totally overwhelmed. I thrive in a structured, ordered and predictable world. Right now none of those things are optimized.

I found myself hiding out in the bathroom yesterday....coz it is the cleanest most "normal" room in the whole house. The other place is the 2 foot by 4 foot desk in my office. I sit there and ignore the absolute chaos behind my back. That is where I can draw and pretend I have some semblance of control.

See how tight those lines are on this Black Rhino....I need my life to look like these lines (excuse me...imma go hide in the bathroom now)

A contour line drawing of an anterior view of a rhino.  His body is coloured in shades of teal and blue and the lines are in a copper.  He is on a brown background


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