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Oleander Hawk Moth

Well...this Oleander Hawk Moth is done....and now I am left with nothing to defray my Packing + Pandemic + Canada Election Anxiety.

A contour line illustraton of an Oleander Hawk Moth viewed from above.  Its body is coloured in shades of green and pink with the contour lines done in light grey.  The background is a dark purple.
Oleander Hawk Moth

My personal politics are left leaning....which should come as no surprise to anyone who has spent more than 5 minutes with me. As a first generation immigrant who is very aware of the lack of democracy in many parts of the world, I really appreciate the diversity of political views and the range of parties available for Canadians to stand behind and Vote for.

Am I the only Canucks watching and waiting to see what the final outcome is?


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