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Take that Flaming Arseholes

So this came out of my brain looks like how following a thought sometimes feels for me. The confusion and discontinuity in the fabric of my thoughts....because #BrainInjuryLife .

A repetative abstract contour line drawing.  Flames and wisps aranged in a circular pattern.  Object is red and orange with Black lines on a grey background
Flaming Arsehole

Once it was done I turned to my husband (who always gives a very honest opinion) and asked him..."What do you see?". And you know what the voice in my head said? It kept repeating over and over again "Please don't say a flaming arsehole. Please don't say a flaming arsehole" Lucky me he said "It looks like something aquatic....a starfish or sea anemone"

ME:1 , Flaming Arsehole:O


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