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Luthor Saves me Again

I feel like I've been run over by a Mack Truck. Like everyone, watching as the entire world unravels, I'm finding myself depleted and feeling a bit hopeless. Trying to prepare for our impending move in 6 weeks....and to sort out logistics of the renovations following that....phew....I am worn out. Lets not even discuss our 12 year old pup and his sudden need to test every limit known to man. I feel totally and utterly overwhelmed.

I find myself having to carve out huge chunks of my day for recovery aka naps, isolating, and lots of line drawing. Reworking this illustration of Luthor the Gorilla was part of my selfcare today.

A contour line drawing of a Gorilla's face in profile.  The face is coloured in shades of grey and the lines are done in a metallic copper.  The background is a dark brown
Luthor the Gorilla

I know I'm not alone....many if us are trying to navigate a collectively very difficult time. What are you doing to keep your head above water?


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