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About Haiti and Hippo's

Everyone say hi to the new improved Brittany the Hippo. She asked for a new look for the upcoming Print Sale. She couldn't decide which she liked best, so we are sharing both (first 2 slides). She asked to include her "Before" (third slide) so you could appreciate her "After". Hippo vanity is a thing.

But seriously though....I woke up this morning to news of multiple casualties, earthquakes and an impending storm in Haiti. This on top of a pandemic and political instability after last months assassination of their President.

According to the UN report from 30 days ago, "Humanitarian response activities have been delayed and are slowed down by the political and ongoing political and security challenges"....."Ongoing gang violence is a persistent concern"...."Pursuant to current conditions, increases in food prices, the availability of fresh produce in the markets, and the impact on the supply chain of goods...have worsened". And that was all before this morning's earthquake.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because when I do my print sales I always donate my proceeds to the same organizations, one of which is "La Gonave Community & Child Association" (they serve the Haitian Island community of La Gonave.) Because of the pandemic, donations to this organization (and no doubt others), has dropped off significantly in the last year (60% is what I have been told). I wanted to encourage you to donate to them ( CommunityAndChildHaiti.Ca ) or to other reputable local organizations in Haiti that can help make a tangible difference in what is such a difficult time for so many.

Our family will donate what we can and I am going to do my very best to get my print sale together ASAP so I can do what I can within my means to help (I would appreciate any offers of help to bridge the gap between my disability's limitations and what is required to make this happen). hubby @StillCreekSoap will be donating a pile of his soaps for the online sale. Every day we recognize the absolute privilege our family has as Canadians with all our safety nets...access to clean water, food, security, education, healthcare etc. Everyone should feel as secure as we do.


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