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Election Anxiety

So, the American Elections.....I know that there is a crazy amount of election anxiety doing it's rounds right now. My plan for managing the crazy election anxiety is to just draw lines over and over again for the next few a Canuck it is not lost on me that my election anxierty is a mere fraction of what our neighbors to the south must be dealing with.

This one I call my "Anxiety Fuchsia". It has gotten me this far, but I am gonna have to figure out something else to draw to manage my election anxiety for the next 2 days. Suggestions anyone? Toughest part is always the figuring out what to draw next.

Seriously, any husband is advocating for a "Jackass" me from this suggestion .... Please.... #CanadianSympathyAnxiety

Contour drawing of two fuschia blossoms.  The petals are purple and the stems are a light pink green
Anxiety Fuschia


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