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"Wear Your Fking Mask!"

Finally got this Chrysanthemum with the 1,000,000,000 lines done....and it was super cathartic.

For those who saw my stories from a couple of days back, I am still determined to call it "Wear Your Fking Mask!" ... for those of you that didn't see the story, long story short the focus required for this illustration was helping me cope with my frustration at blasé attitudes towards Covid.

Contour line drawing of a Chrysanthemum.  The blossom is coloured in shades of pink and the stem is bright green.  The contour lines are coloured in shades of silver.
Wear Your Fking Mask a biologist...a retired ICU RN...a disabled person....take my word....regardless of your vaccine status...keep wearing your masks and maintain social distancing....or this will never end.

New variants will keep cropping up until we have a consistent global vaccine strategy....and the only thing that will keep a lid on things until we can get the entire world vaccinated is basic infection control strategies. I will happily eat an entire bouquet of Chrysanthemums if I am wrong....but I bet you I'm not.

Oh I'm getting all worked up again...gonna go find another thing to draw...maybe an owl...and Imma call him "SCIENCE!!" #ThankYouForComingToMyTedTalk


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