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My name is Marta Musa and I am a Canadian Multidisciplinary Artist, Storyteller, Lucky Wife, Mama (to two thoroughly spoiled pups and a homicidal millennial turtle), Former Critical Care RN, that is living with a Disabling Acquired Brain Injury.


My previous works were influenced by the stories I saw travelling the world as an able-bodied photographer. However, that has changed in the last few years courtesy of a car accident and "Bertha" (my ever present head injury).  


"Bertha" has not only radically changed the way I perceive and process information, she has influenced how my creative endeavors translates into a final product. This shift has inspired works that explore the sense of disjointedness and chaos that comes with a brain injury.


Whether or not the creative force behind the story is Bertha or something else, I always use humor and my art to re-frame life in a positive way. I love to tell my stories from the view point of the darker places. I have always believed that the richest stories of humanity are found in those spaces where light encroaches on darkness. I never find these shadow spaces to be sinister; instead they are filled with optimism, hope and joy. That positivity is what you will see in all my works; spanning the range from photography to mixed media pieces to encaustic paintings.


In this spirit of positivism and gratitude for all in my life, ALL PROCEEDS from annual sales of my work will benefit

La Gonave Community and Child Haiti


 Hugabull Advocacy and Rescue

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