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Y'all remember Carlos the Alpaca....I drew him about a year ago. He has been hanging out waiting for me to make him look all shiny and pretty. And today was his day. He demanded blue hair and pink highlights....and what Carlos wants, Carlos gets.

Contour line drawing of an Alpaca in profile.  He is coloured in shades of blue and the contour lines are in shades of a metallic/shiny pink.   The illlustration is done against a mauve background
Carlos the Alpaca

And he isnt the only one. I will be working through and updating a bunch of my illustrations in the next while. Why? Well....because I am preparing to do a PRINT SALE!!

I was hoping to participate in the East Side Culture Crawl Art Festival this year....but reviewing the data on Delta and Delta-Plus has me planning a very socially distanced fall and winter.

But it is really important to me to atle!st once this year sell my art work with all proceeds going to two organizations I think do amazing work.

Want to know when the print sale will happen? Be sure to head over to the shop by clicking here and add yourself to the notification mailing list!


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