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Halloween isn't the same anymore

Man but today is really hard. It is the first Halloween without our boy. He just loved all holidays...but particularly this one. Coz it involved his three favorite things, lots of kids, lots of pets/hugs/love...and lots of treats.

His first year with us, he had only been with us for 3 weeks when we took him trick or treating with our niece. He was a shark..and proudly wore his shark fin and showed it to anyone who even breathed in his direction.

Over the years his costumes became more elaborate....and he wasn't confined to wearing them only one night a year.....because costumes meant he got lots of kids, lots of pets/hugs/love and lots of treats anytime he wore one.

Some of my favorite memories of him involve him wearing his superman costume and coming in to say hi to my critical care nursing students before a big exam. Or in costume and coming in to visit a longterm ICU patient of mine. He was magical....just magical. And his Dad and I sure could use some of his magic right about now


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