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Thank Heavens for MuuMuus

So I went with a very detailed Parrott Tulip to deal with never ending election anxiety (will this shit never end??!?!). Nothing like tiny ruffled lines to help soothe the crazy/nail biting shenanigans.....and worry about Canadian Covid numbers (I'm looking at you Idjits crowding on Granville Street Halloween night!)

Between making out with the puppies, this illustration, lots of naps and living in giant muumuus, I'm clinging to my sanity. What are you'll doing to make it through this week? (Imma start another thing to doodle....and continue to live in muumuus)

Contour line drawing of a single ruffled parrot tulip against a light olive green background.  The individual ruffled tulip pettals are painted in a gradient from light green at the base, to a bright light yellow, then bright orange, ending at the petal tips in a bright fiery red.  The tulip stem is green
Ruffled Tulip Illustration


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