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Did you say Flabellinopsis iodinea aka Spanish Shawl?

Oh the joys of having a brain injury and the cost it demands when you attempt to live a regular life. I thought I was proactive and careful with my reserves during the election....but nope...Bertha is pissed and raging.

When she is like this I feel naked and raw, no filters or protection from the world. I feel my brain glitching and processing slows down. Everything is louder, harder, brighter, more chaotic...and regulating emotions costs 10 times what it should. Why am I telling you this?

Well, because I know I am not the only one feeling some degree of this rawness and fatigue. Positive stessors or negative stressoers are still stressors...and they exact a physiological toll. And that is important and okay to acknowledge.

Yes Biden/Harris won and there is respite from the idea of 4 more years of an overtly xenophobic, misogynistic, narcissistic personality in the White House....but that doesn't stop us all from paying the price of the election rollercoaster. So rest, take care of yourself....and do something good for your soul.

In my case it means spending the last few days resting and drawing a Nudibranch (sea slug) for my hubby. This is a Spanish Shawl or "Flabellinopsis iodinea". Beautiful right?


Also....if you have a problem with my characterization of Trump...there is this thing called unfollowing...feel free to do it. Don't feel the need to announce it....otherwise Bertha is likely to tell you what to do with a Pineapple 🍍.

Contour Line drawing of a Nudibranch called the Spanish Shawl or "Flabellinopsis iodinea".  It is illustrated against a dark blue background.  The Spanish shawl's main body is a bright purple.  The appendages on its back are coloured in a gradient going from red at the base to a yellow at the tip.
Spanish Shawl or "Flabellinopsis iodinea"


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