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A Daily Commitment to Create

In late 2014 i joined a small group of photographers on Facebook. I can't remember how I ended up there, but every day I am ever so grateful for some of the greatest friendships that blossomed from this connection.

I am also eternally grateful for the group's commitment to a daily photography project starting on January 1st 2015. This project saved me more times than I could count. So much so that I kept it up for 3 years. From 2015 to 2017 I endeavored to shoot one unique photograph every day. Most days I was successful; on the rare occasion I gave myself a pass.

That 3 year period in my life was right after my brain injury, and was chock-a-bloc full of unrelenting disability bureaucracy and rehabilitation appointments (physio, speech language pathologist, vestibular rehab, occupational therapy, counselor, shock wave therapy, neurofeedback, etc etc etc). I was fighting so hard to be able to get back to the "old me", it became so difficult to see the magic in the everyday .... especially when every day was an inevitable reminder of how I was now a "different me".

But, that daily commitment to photograph forced me to stop, be present and create an image that marked a significant moment and spoke to me.

Don't ask me why but there were many days in 2015 where light bulbs featured prominently in my work...maybe it was my subconcious encouraging me to have a lightbulb moment and accept my disability. Or maybe I just thought they were pretty. At the time, part of my occupational rehab involved pushing my sensory tolerance threshold by sitting in loud, busy public place. The day I made this image, I met a friend at a local coffee shop.

Nowadays I find myself dwelling less and less on the frustration of not being able to "fix/heal/rehab" myself into "normalcy". What I do still feel and dwell on is how great it felt to spend time with my lovely friend. That is what this image makes me feel. Gratitude for that memory.

A photograph of a lit Edison Light bulb with its fixture adhered to a bluish grey concrete wall
Light Bulbs, Shadows and Light


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