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Wills and African Peach Moths

It’s June....and I promised myself that I would get my act together and get the estate planning and end of life planning details all sorted by the end of this month. I have been avoiding it for years

But then I remember how chaotic decision making is for families I have cared for in the ICU when these steps aren’t taken....and I would never want that fear and uncertainty for mine. So the end of life talks are being had...and documented. The appropriate documents completed and filed with the right people...all in the hope of making sure my wishes are clear when I am no longer capable of expressing them. I know it sounds morose, but it really is a privilege and a gift to your loved ones if you can document your wishes.

Like many others, my biggest fears at end of life would be that my husband and pups were not well cared for, that I would be forced to endure prolonged treatment that only delays death...that I would have friends and family fighting and misrepresenting their wishes as mine...but I gotta of my major things I dread is having certain individuals I abhor present at my bedside at my end of life. Since I won’t be able to get up, yell at, punch em in the throat and kick em out, I’m documenting those wishes so that they never make it into my space. I’ve seen this too many times in my professional and personal life not to have it make an impact. So I admitting it...this is the motivator I am using to get this grown up paperwork done. I just keep asking myself “You gonna keep procrastinating and allowing for X,Y & Z to show with their baggage and drama to hijack your end-of-life plan?” Lemme tell you....highly effective. So yeah....that’s what I am doing. I am taking time to sit and draw when it all gets too much. This African Peach Moth was a product of that. Hope you enjoy him.

Contour line drawing of an African Peach Moth against a lavendar background.  The moth is shades of prussian blue on its wings and body with bands of yellow on its wings and a orange/yelow head and feelers
African Peach Moth


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