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So....remember I mentioned a while back we were selling our home and buying a new one? was crazy wild British Columbia Housing market shenanigans....but we got it DONE!!

Contour line drawing of a goat head and horns.  The skull is coloured in shades of white and grey, the horns in shades of brown.  The contour line drawings are in shades of gold

It was / is exhausting and I'm glad this first leg is behind us. Bertha and I are doing a lot of napping and low cognitive demand days for now. Then the next leg of packing and moving begins.....followed by renovating and settling in.

I wish I could blink and be on the other end of it. Really I do. Not looking forward to any of the heavy heavy work to come. What I am looking forward to however is the big bright studio that I am going to end up with....and the view of forests and green. I'm so looking forward to that. I'm so glad I chose to respect my limits and wellbeing...and we decided as a family to pick a home that would allow me to live the best life possible.


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