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Say hello to our little friend....Miguel

ME: Okay Universe. We miss the heck out of Fred. We know no one will ever replace him. But we think we are all ready to add to our family again.

UNIVERSE: Gotcha. So what are you looking for?

ME: Preferably a very young large male Bully Breed pup. We already have a little sassy girl so we are looking for balance.

UNIVERSE: is your boy.

ME:.....Uhhhmmm....this isn't what we asked for. He looks like a Badger masquerading as a dog.

UNIVERSE: Yeah, but it is what you need. He is an 11 year old sassy, stubby legged, chonky, barky Corgi cross...he has some health issues...and is really pushy for food....oh yeah...he likes to herd his people by nipping at their heels and butts like they are Cattle. And he has gas....smells like Fred farts. You are welcome.

Everyone say hello to "Miguel Beau Tater", the newest member of our family. He is absolutely nuts...and perfect in every way....from his cute nose to his stubby tail. #WelcomeHome


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