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Revisiting Older works

Lately, I have been reworking some of my older drawings to show myself how much I have grown over the last few years. I was so excited the first time I drew this owl (third slide). It was my first critter line drawing a few years back...and this set me on the road to obsessing about contour line drawings.

Contour line drawiing of an owl with black lines.  The body of the owl is coloured in in shades of red.  The eyes of the owl are bright yellow.  The background of the image is teal
Contour line drawing of an owl.  Illustration is done in black ink on a white background

I like how much steadier my lines are, and I like that I am incorporating more colour into my drawings. Understanding colour is a challenge for me and will be the goal to work towards. Can't wait to see what this guy looks like in a few more years


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