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Ragin Bertha

I'm going to take a break from illustration work today and go work on #EncausticArt and weild my butane and propane torch in my art shack.

It is a nice break from the precise, controlled nature of my illustrations. With some of my Encaustic work I can be as fluid and imprecise as I want to be...and it has the same meditative value as my illustration work. Big difference is I'm less likely to hurt myself with a pen then I am with a flame and hot molten medium.

Today is the first "good" day in a very long while. Last week our family got our Covid vaccines... and ofcourse my immune system put on a robust response and was like "Look at me Ma!". If my immune response to the vaccine is just a teeny tiny fraction of what Covid feels like, I am eternally grateful for the protection the vaccine will confur on me.....I may have been cussing the vaccine to the ends of the earth for the rough weekend we had....but on the other side I'm grateful for the immune workout.

Anyway, enough chatting...gotta go play with fire and hope I don't burn myself .

The piece in this post is available for sale with 100% of proceeds to La Gonave Community and Child Haiti ( )

Encaustic abstract painting in yellows, oranges, reds, blues and white.
Ragin Bertha #2

Ragin Bertha #2 - 18 x 36 (2019) - $800 Medium : Encaustic (Damar Resin, Beeswax & Pigment) Frame: Cradled wood panel


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