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Line Drawing or Ativan

This is what happened last night and well into this morning.....

My brain: Tomorrow is a big day.

Me: Yes it is. It is just a surgical should be straight forward, but to be on the safe side, why don't we get to bed early and rest up for it

My brain: about instead we stay up imagining and trying to solve all the ways tomorrow can go wrong.

Me: No.

My brain: It would be so much fun! That way we are totally ready when and if anything goes wrong.

Me: I said no. That isn't a good idea.

My brain: What if we screw up tomorrow? What if we say the wrong thing? Omg... what if they say the wrong thing and we tell them to go fuck themselves with a pineapple? What if we hate them? Whst if they hate us? What if they say we aren't a surgical candidate? What if.....what if...what if...(hyperventilating and starting to panic)

Me: Listen...Stop....take a deep breath. We are not doing this. So pick your poison brain...and perseverating on catastrophic thinking is not an option. You can only pick to do a line drawing or have some Ativan...what is it going to be? Coz I need my peace tonight.

My brain: Line drawing....

And that is how it came to be that I was self soothing half the night away drawing this moth. Let's hope today's appointment goes well and there aren't any brain shenanigans 🤦🏾


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