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Hotter than the Devil's Crotch

I have spent the last few days recovering from all the work of getting our home ready to you can imagine how wonky my brain feels. Ofcourse the solution is doing some line drawings like this one of a leaf insect.

Contour line drawing of a Leaf Insect/Bug.  The body of the insect is coloured in shades of bright moss green and brown.  The contour lines are done in shades off gold.  The illustration is against a bright orange background

But even with all that rest and self care, Bertha is rampaging in my brain and I keep making so many Bertha errors. I was talking to our realtor today about booking our open house on a certain date....and I realized that day was going to be blazing hot...38C/100F....and I found my uncensored brain texting "Its gonna be hotter than the devil's crotch"....thank heavens I stopped and proof read my text....I really meant to write "Its gonna be hotter than heck"....but Bertha has a way of sneaking colourful language in when I'm like this.

My poor hubby has had to deal with her bizarre need to interject profane language into every is a weird glitch my brain has...the more I struggle with finding words or substituting words...the more expansive my colourful language options get. Weird.


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