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Fatigue is a PITA

I came across this image of a small encaustic painting I made in 2016.....and it made me so mad I wanted to fling my phone across the room.

An encaustic abstract painting that flows from blacks to burgandy, pink and white.
Abstract Encaustic

I've been battling some wicked ass fatigue for the last while and it is cutting into my ability to be creative. I have so very many plans and ideas running through my head. And everyday I wake up with every intention of bullying my body into doing what I want it to do....(spoiler alert: it doesn't work that way and I should know this already) . So I pretty much tell myself I'm going to finally start on that painting that has been on my mind....and my body laughs and laughs and laughs, and forces me to get back in bed. And before I know it, it is tomorrow and my body and I are having the same argument again.

So, until the boss...aka my body ...decides we are no longer in fatigue mode, I will be sharing some older works as a creative outlet....and enjoying everyone elses work. Yup....that's what I'm gonna do.


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