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Dog Hair Everywhere

Eeeeeekkkkk....Im so happy with how this test piece turned out. I fought with this teeny tiny 4 inch cradled panel for way longer than I should have...but I finally got it to do exactly what I wanted it to. Thank heavens I didn't opt for a 10 inch test panel or I think I would still be in the studio swearing profusely. .

Now...just so you can have a laugh...after working on and scrapping this panel for what felt like 100 times, I was finally happy with it and proudly showed off all the painstakingly applied drops of encaustic medium to the hubby...he goes "It looks great....but did you notice the Miguel Dog Hair you have stuck under a couple of those drops?" #DogHairEverywhere .

I am going to do a deep clean before I tackle the larger pieces I have planned....or maybe I'll just let it be and call them Miguel's Fur Easter Eggs? What do you think?....Maybe I will call the series "Hair Of the Dog"....


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