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Black Joy

The last few days have been about rest and making sure I am making space for Joy... because Black Joy it is essential to my continued wellbeing. That looks like opting out of doom scrolling.......and curbing the very knee-jerk, soul deep need to go debate people on the internets..omg Bertha (my brain injury) is the Queen of Perseveration and desperately wants to debate people...and bash them over the head today.

It means instead I have to actively opt for Joy Scrolling and Joy Making. So I spent time listening in on an art talk on Clubhouse....I smiled and giggled while scrolling my favorite doggo and human social media accounts....I listened and laughed with the hubby while he told me all about he and the pups encounter with our neighbour... and how Carmela gave a 2 paw stamp of approval to our neighbor's new beau...a rare and magical thing our Carmela's approval #MarryHimStat#HeIsTheOne#CarmelaKnowsThings

What it also means is picking one creative outlet and using it to occupy my hands, my mind and Bertha. And for days, I have been focused on this line drawing of a Mandrill. The meditative value was priceless.

A work in progress of a Mandrill contour drawing.  The muzzle, eyes and ear are complete but the rest of the face is just outline.
Mandrill - Work in progress

I’m so proud of how this fellow turned out. I’ve wanted to draw a Mandrill in my style for years...but never felt like I had the know how or tools to effectively execute what I imagined.

I am so lucky to be able to create just for the sake of creating. It is so liberating...not to be beholden to anyone but myself. Wanna create an illustration of a random mammal...don’t have to consider anything other than the value to me of doing it. And once I am done, I am done. No one else gets to direct my creative process.

Say hello to Mr. Mandrill. Now to decide the next critter I want to doodle.

Contour drawing of a Mandrill in profile drawn against a lime green background
Mr. Mandrill

Countour line drawing of a Mandrill on a lime green background framed in a dark frame with a white border.  The frame is propped against a dard grey wall surrounded by white pots with succulents


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