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Birthday Presents and Creativity

The hubby ( @StillCreekSoap ) is turning 47 in a few days. So.....what to get a man who turns 47. The options were another Transformer anything Warhammer....basically more of what I call his "Murder Dollies". But I have to admit I am totally out of my depth when it comes to the next "best" murder dolly that he wants. I try....but my brain gets overwhelmed and my eyes glaze over when he starts talking Storm Cast, Death Haunt, just all blends me they are all Murder Dollies.

Right now his big interest is Titan or Chaos Knights.....I am struggling to figure out if they have anything to do with Marvel and Thanos....coz that is how out of touch I am with the fantasy world.

So I did what a smart wife does....I said "You take your birthday budget and spend it on whatever you want!". Genius right?

But I also wanted to give him something only I could give him. So I decided to make a linocut of his company's logo ( @StillCreekSoap ) He has been hinting at it for a while. So I busted out my Flexicut carving tools and I'm slowly plugging away at it. So far so good. Fingers crossed I have it ready for him to be able to use by his birthday. 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽 It feels good to be able to make something special for him.

Marta's black hands holding a carving instrument to the surface of a lino plate with an image of a crow, wash bucket and bubbles.  The image is half carved.  There are lino plate shavings to the side of the plate.  The right side of the image shows handles of additional carving tools in a wooden box
Birthday present carving


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