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I’ve spent the last few weeks slowly and very carefully working on a special piece. It is going to be a gift to mark the passing my nephew, Kona, a much loved and wonderful pup....and I am hoping and praying I will be able to do him justice.

This is Kona. I was lucky enough to know him because fate randomly decided I would be in the same university dorm as both his parents (long before they knew they were going to create a beautiful family). His mom and I were housemates and a friendship blossomed from there. .

Which is how it came to be about 14 years ago, when Felicia and Derek decided to get a pup, Auntie Marta tagged along. I gotta admit, he wasn’t my first pick. There was a litter mate that was extra sassy and dramatic who drew my attention. But Kona’s Dad knew exactly who was gonna be his 4 legged son...and he picked so well. .

I have so many memories playing with Kona, having him over for sleepovers & watching him mess around with my then senior pup Kootney. I also remember being obsessed with his ridiculously long eyelashes, thinking how wild they looked. .

I loved how he grew with each change in his family. He went from being the only big brother to not one but two human sisters. Big changes that he just rolled with. .

But my absolute favorite thing about Kona was that no matter how long it had been since we last saw each other, every time he saw me he would sing his happy song and jump with glee. That was such a gift to be loved by Kona. .

You can then imagine how much he must have loved and been loved by his sisters, his Mom and the Dad that knew him from the moment they met. Kona passed away a few weeks ago surrounded by his family. His loss was sudden and heart wrenching for them. .

This portrait was a labour of love. This boy was just so wonderful and I wish the universe had allowed him more time with his family.

Contour line drawing of  the bust of Kona, a Grey, White and brown Schnauzer mix dog.
Kona Portrait


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