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Tony the Crow

I've been nursing this Crow drawing for a few weeks now. I started it when Fred's health began to decline...when Bertha (my brain injury) and I were spinning out of control and needed lines-lines-lines to anchor us I'd gather my supplies and Freddy, head down to our back deck and sit out there with him for hours. He would be so happy and in his element. Mouth smiling, tongue lolling out, he would sniff the air, watch the crows fly by, occasionally dash after some misguided squirrel that thought it could cross his sight line...he spent days there so happy...wagging and greeting everyone that walked through the green space behind our home.

Picture of a black and wite digital illustration in progress on an Ipad Pro.  The partially outline illustration is of a Crow in profile.  There is a black womans hand holding an apple pen poised over the Ipad, as if mid illustration.

I've been holding onto it, stalling the process of finishing it. Only allowing myself a few minutes with it every day since he passed. I can almost lull myself into believing I'm still sitting with Fred when I'm working on it. But that illusion isn't sustainable, and Bertha is aggitated and restless wanting me to draw more to soothe her. I've tried putting this crow on hold and starting another piece...but I keep coming back to it.

So today I think I'm done with this Crow. I think I'll call him Tony. Anthony means "Priceless One". For me he will always remind me of the last week with my Freddy boy.

Completed digital illustration of a crow.  Isolated against a dark blue background is a Black line drawing of a crow coloured in light blue/grey

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