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Farewell my Dingo Baby Boy

Black and White dramatic portrait of our wonderful and handsome dog Frederick.  Fred was a large Canadian Dingo / Carolina Dog / Pitbull / Labrador Retriever type dog.

Today is a good day. His work is done. His pain is gone. And we are all better for having him in our life. He taught us to appreciate the world and those around us. The most important lesson being that all strangers are worthy of a bit of trust and grace. He kept us laughing through the worst of times and present through the good times. He taught us to stop and sniff the flowers, and pee there so others know to stop and smell them too…. sometimes you pee on your sister just to remind her she is special too. He taught us that dogs can counter surf and open the freezer…. that tearing a bag of icing sugar and shaking it about will make a room look like a cocaine fueled scene from Scarface. He taught us that it is easy to change wood trim…. on a frequent basis. That if you are feeling sad and things are rough, you could just lay upside down and get a whole new perspective on things. That 10 seconds of inattention was all that is required for him to inhale an entire pickle/naan bread/steak/panettone/ham/waffle/whatever and then blink innocently at you like he knows nothing about it. He was in charge of the family Ministry of Happiness. He insisted on us all cuddling and kissing each other for at least 20 minutes every morning. That we play the blanket game, wrestle with him, sunbathe, scratch his butt, go on car rides, meet all the people, etc. etc. etc. He was tolerant and eternally patient with us. And more than anything, Freddy has saved both his peoples lives over and over again. In the last 5 years, Fred and Carmela more than anything have leaned in, grabbed us and pulled us out of the freefall of grief, depression and anxiety. For a 7-year-old, our Freddy Boy accomplished and gave us more than we were ever entitled to. We were so lucky to have had him in our life. Though a life without him is unimaginable to us both, it was more important not to force him to continue to live in discomfort…..he gave us more than we deserved, and we would not be worthy of him if we didn’t give him the peace he is rightly entitled to…because he taught us not to be selfish. So today we said farewell to the best boy ever known to man. And as he passed on, his Dad and I held him, kissed him and reminded him one more thime that he was good, he was smart, he was important, he was handsome, he was loved, he was wanted, he was the bestest, he was perfection, he deserved all the goodness, he was our heart and he was our Dingo baby boy. And he wanted you to know he loved you all…no matter who you are.

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