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Snacko Attack Plan

This is straight from the kids "Snacko Attack Plan". They have both managed to convince themselves that dog food is beneath them (same stuff that they scarfed down last week)...Carmela tells me she is doing it in solidarity with her sick Brother. We put out their delicious high quality food and they stare at their dishes and turn up their noses. they refused to eat dinner tonight...and then did this while we were having dinner. Thank the heavens their Dad "accidentally " made extra pork chops...and we had ice cream available...because if we didn"t....I don't know...their Dad and I would have been incapacitated by their overwhelming cuteness. Being a dog parent can be dangerous.

Cartoon of two dogs begging for treats.  There is a heading that reads "How to beg for snackos by Freddy & Carmela".  The dogs are surrounded by thought bubbles containing begging strategies.  These include "deploy dramatic ear flaps", "look upwards with the most pathetic look possible, extra points for  dilated pupils", "engage maximum cuteness", "Be sure to show off your best assests (giant noggin, tiny short legs, your wonky left eye)", "Use tonge to maximum effect; bonus points if you create a puddle of drool", & "Flex your muscles"

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