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Lines and Crisis

So on Friday our bubba Fred had a bit of a medical crisis and we ended up in the ER....long story short, he is much better today. Because of my background in medicine, in our family, I am the one in charge of medical stuff. Old pre-injury me was super focussed, and didn't allow space for emotions in these situations (Spoiler....not a good strategy). In crisis we all fall into our old patterns...and I am no different. I became super focused....and though on the surface I did a good job of appearing controlled and on top of the situation...underneath Bertha and I were falling apart...pulling out our hair, screaming and running around in circles. No surprise the whole family is just exhausted and wrecked. I'm knackered and Bertha is running wild...and I need to shut down and reset. Enter 2 days of line drawing. It is wild to me that this simple repetitive action is so soothing...I know I sound repetitive is soooooo awesome! Thank you for letting me repeat myself. Now off to go start another one.

Line drawing / illustration of a Mountain African Elephant drawn in profile

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