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Life is a Shit Storm.

Lines, lines, and more lines. I am so grateful that I’ve found something to help soothe me when everything feels so chaotic and overwhelming. As I have shared before, there is something so soothing about allowing lines to flow into each other.

Line drawing of Orange Pink Hibiscus blossoms and green leaves on a dark blue background.  This is a digital illustration

While making this piece, I have been thinking about society’s tendencies to pretend the default in life is joy, peace, ease and all things positive. I think that is bullshit. Life is hard....hella hard. It is a series of daily struggles and battles interspersed with brief moments of joy.

For me the joyous brief moments look like creating art, talking with my husband, cuddling and kissing the pups, gagging and howling with hilarity at the smell of Fred’s farts, sharing ice cream with my Carmela, reading a juicy murder mystery, catching up with a loved one.....and heck even sharing my work online brings me joy.

But those moments happen within the context of a life filled with difficulties, stressors, grief, loss and all kinds of pain. And I think it is really, really, really important that we are all honest about this. Life isn’t easy....and we do a great disservice to each other when we perpetuate the false narrative that it is. Maybe you already know this.....or maybe like me you have clued into this recently.

When you feel like you are a shit magnet....remind yourself it is because life is a shit isn’t a personal vendetta against you by the universe. I keep telling myself this over and over again...and it helps.

Fingers crossed tomorrow brings more of these brief interludes of laughter and joy.

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