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Murder by toilet paper

I call this piece "Marital Provocation" more irrational moments it is "Imma Kill Him" .

Toilet paper roll with a third of a sheet of Toilet paper on it, sitting on a toilet paper stand

Seriously guys...the hubby and I couldn't me more different....and this is no more evident than in our daily TP roll replacement battles. Years of replacing the TP 99% of the time has me wondering "am the only one who thinks there is something very wrong with leaving an "unuseable" amount of TP for the next person?" He is unfazed by it....where as my skin crawls if I even think of leaving an empty roll (shudder). So I need to know where you stand in this TP many of you are team Marta and how many of your are team Gordon (and can you explain your logic to me).

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