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That time Carmela was "Perfect"

We have an important announcement to make....yesterday this reactive child went to the dog park....and was PERFECT. don"t understand. She was PERFECT! Seriously, guys she was more perfect than her perfect brother. She didn't chase, bark at or cuss out one single dog. She just zoomed around, sniffed stuff, played with some other short dogs, waded in the lake, politely said hello to everyone and generally minded her manners. Seriously...I could almost here the voice in her head as she pranced around being a good girl..."I told dah Mahmah Lady I was ready to be an innepenant (independant) woman...dhat means no barkies or bities. Coz innepenant womenz mindz dhere own bidness (business). I'm a gud girlz.....acshually.....I'm dah bestest girlz" Keeping fingers and toes crossed she continues to be an innepenant woman!

Short legged chocolate and white Jack Russel and Daschund cross dog sitting on top of a tree stump in the woods looking very proud of her wet dirt covered self.

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