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For the first 38 years of my life I used swear words in a limited way. And then Bertha, my brain injury, came along. Unlike myself, Bertha's philosophy on profanity is that every conversation needs to be peppered with swear words....heck...I think she strongly believes every other word should be a cuss. has had to change. We have a deal, if she will listen and curb her profane tendencies in public, Bertha is allowed to say whatever she wants in private. In public she can cuss in our shared brain, snd we fight to swallow the words. So far we have a 90% success rate. In private moments I let Bertha drive and embrace profanity. It helps us articulate our frustration when words inevitably fail us. And it is soooooooooooo cathartic. Heck, cathartic is too poor a word to describe the restorative powers of a good expletive session. So then it makes sense when I tell you in our family, it is perfectly normal for the husband and dogs to ignore me as I read the paper or watch the news....and hurl obscenities. It is so a massive pressure release valve. Go ahead and try is accessible to you even without a brain injury!

"F.U." - Block Print (2018)

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