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Raunchy Gonchy

See that guy in the back of this photo....yeah...that guy with the red hat....his name is Gordon and he is my husband. This morning we had the same debate we have been having for a few months now. Every morning he gets dressed and part of his routine is to smack the dogs with his gonche (Canadian for underwear) while he yells "Raunchy Gonchy, Raunchy Gonchy"...and they dance and leap with joy. Lately I've noticed his "Gonchy" have holes in what we call the Crotchal Region. Like any responsible wife I suggested he purchase himself some now gonche. He in turn insists his undies are perfectly fine....they have been upgraded to have what he calls "Air Conditioning" or "Ventilation" in the exact right place. Help us you gonche or a/c gonche?

Vase with Blossoms in the foreground and an out of focus outline of a bearded white man in the background

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