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When wants don't count

I'm having a rough week and I'm tuckered out. All of this because of a variety of medical and legal demands on my time related to my health, disability bureaucracy and the MVA that caused my brain injury. I know I have no choice and must participate in the process...but it is so very very exhausting. . With my battery drained it is hard to attend to my personal needs let alone my wants. And in this case by "wants" I mean things like Creativity. Creativity is something that is so essential to my much so I am tempted to reclassify it as a Need. So a work around I have to get around the disparity between energy needed to be creative..and the limited energy available I have to allocate to a creative task...well my work around is to find a "low demand" creative task. For me that usually means reworking something I have already done the heavy lifting on. Like these Carmela portraits for instance. They were photographed in 2016...but I got to sit down and re-edit / re-process them today. Minimal effort for maximal joy. I can't stop giggling at her many faces. I need to do another whipping cream shoot with her one day, when I have the energy for it. But these will do until then.

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