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I've been dying to share this story with all of you for the last few days. Let's call it my absolute favorite memory from the East Side Culture happened on the very last day...when my husband and I were just worn out and dreaming of getting home to our puppies and our bed...I was having trouble staying this interaction was such a gift for me. A young boy and his mom were at the booth looking at the punny anatomy greeting cards. At one point he looked at the Punny Anatomy greeting card with the GI tract illustration that says "Shit Happens" and whispered to his mom "Why are they using the S-H word?!?".

But that wasn't the most magical part...after getting comfy with us and trading some rather epic knock knock jokes with my husband he looked over at our cards and said...."You should do a Ha-Penis card!". Gord and I died. We lost it...his mom was totally unflappable...the woman was brilliant.

Hand illustrating Anatomy of Male Genetalia

So thank you young man...thank you to your parents for raising such a brilliant and funny son. I'm on it buddy...working on that Ha-Penis Card. I may have... possibly ....perhaps had way too much fun making this card.

Greeting Card with Ha-Penis Illustration

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