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That time we made soap that looked like meat

So the other day the husband and I decided as a couple/family exercise we would make soap together. Lemme just say, I did not have much faith in us...between my brain injury and his ADHD I was sure we would screw up. But nope...not this time. It has been a 5 day soapapolloza to get to this point. But here are the first official Birchmore Clan Soaps (they still need to cure for 4 to 6 weeks before use). We made a basic unscented loaf of soap...for me a fancy schmancy swirly Satsuma loaf....and for the hubby we made a loaf of Rootbeer (barf) scented soap...that I thought I'd get creative with by colouring with some activated charcoal and red oxide....long story short...we cut it and both decided the soap looks like a cross section of a moose thigh. The hubby is saying I ruined his soap (he JUST wanted a plain brown soap)....I say I made it look manly....what manly man wouldn't want soap that looks like a hunk of meat?!? In other news the husband is fantasizing about starting his own soap company called "Gotta Wash Your Holes".....sigh, I'm staying out of it.

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