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Iron Infusion Day

Today is iron infusion day. I am divided about iron infusion day. On one hand I am ecstatic that I am getting to top up my body's depleted stores of essential iron....on the other hand I resent that it is neccessary....I resent that my body is in open rebellion, refusing to absorb adequate amounts of iron from my diet... while at the same time participating in some camouflaged slow...steady...trickle bleeding somewhere in a hidden corner of my body, throwing away much needed iron....Frankly I feel like my body is like a child who goes to ridiculous lengths to not eat her spinach. .

I have coaxed and pled with my body to cooperate. I take my iron pills religiously, cook everything in a cast iron pan, eat iron rich food....but still, the body demands these iron infusion. I am taken aback that we have to go to these lengths. Did my body miss the memo?!?! We don't have resources to allocate to these "extra" medical ventures. Clearly I am no where in control or in charge of the I'm submitting to this ridiculousness. But I submit on my terms. .

If I am gonna be here for an infusion then I'm gonna listen to Maya Angelou read her "Letter to My Daughter". And towards the end of the book Ms. Angelou says "Since life is our most precious gift, and since it is given to us to live but once, let us live so we will not regret years of uselessness and inertia." you hear that body?!?! Even Ms. Angelou is calling you out on your shenanigans!!

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