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A Timely Reminder

I was listening to the Thrive Art Studio today and was really moved by what their guest The Jealous Curator aka Danielle Krysa Art said…she said

.....“This art that I’m making wouldn’t exist in the world if I hadn’t made it.”....

And even though it seems so obvious we all often forget the fundamental truth in that statement….and the inherent value of our own unique creative voices. I needed the reminder today…and it prompted me to do something I haven’t done in a very long time. My first creative loves are street and documentary photography…but living with my brain injury has put the “traditional” opportunities to engage in this type of photography well out of my reach. But that doesn’t mean I can’t use my perspective to create some documentary photography within my limits. Soon after listening to the podcast I heard a ruckus going on in our bedroom….the nightly puppy wrestling shenanigans were in progress. The light was not the best (frankly the term “Shit Lighting” comes to mind)….but I decided to embrace the noise in the images. I was too dizzy to crouch, move and shoot like I used to….but the ottoman at the foot of the bed made a steady seat to use. Two minutes of shooting and I ended up with a whole bunch of images that not only make me grin, but they bring me great joy. These photographs are gold in my book…they are of my family…. Gordon (my lovely husband), Fred (our perfect Canadian Dingo child) and Carmela (my brain injury spirit animal, our Nutty Jackweenie). These three are the beings I love most in this world. And if I hadn’t picked up my camera and created these images…they wouldn’t exist for me to share with the world. Thank you for the timely reminder.

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