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We, not Us and Them

I know my story isn’t ones really is…because we all know we are but one in billions of people who have navigated a personal journey through the ocean waters called LIFE. For a privileged group of us, we get to travel these waters aboard cruise ships, boats with multiple safety nets, surrounded by life rafts and life preservers. But, for others….for many many many others….they/we are treading water, with weights of disparity, inequality and injustice chained to their ankles….trying to stay afloat while clinging desperately to floating debris. Those of us on board vessels throw pool noodles and water wings into the water, move on and think we have done our part…. but we haven’t…and the real and tragic reality is that we are all the same but differ ONLY in our circumstances. We all want to live; we all want our children to have a future; we all want to not suffer…a basic human right we should all be entitled to. For those of us “safe” aboard our cruise ships, boats surrounded by safety nets….we are all just one catastrophe away from treading water with the majority of mankind. There is no them and us. It is really just WE….and we can do so much more to help humanity and our world if we remember that. #BeKind . . .

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