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Today I wanted to share a current #Encaustic #WorkInProgress (4 more hours of work to go) and the story behind it.

A year ago I would never have dared to think about creating pieces on the scale that I've decided to take on recently. I have a hoard of massive canvases I bought long ago....dreaming of one day being confident enough...or creative enough to use then.

Apparently over the last year I began to believe that one day had somehow become today. Though 18 x 36 may not be huge by most artist's standards, it is to me. I have always prefered do work on a smaller least I used to. So what changed in the last year?

Well about a year ago I put my big gal panties on and dared to join a community of female artists at Thrive Art Studio . I became a part of the monthly Thrive Mastermind meetings....a place where I got to meet and make friends with an amazingly diverse and supportive group of talented female artists.

These wonderful and supportive women have been a big part of my creative and personal growth over the last year. Their support, insight and wisdom...and the humour and has all helped me in ways I never expected.

There is something so very amazing about being able to say to a group of artists "Look at what I figured out"...or..."I'm so nervous about X,Y,Z" or "Can you help me with this thing I'm struggling with"....and you get understanding nods and the answer you need. If you are like me...needing your own "Art Posse"....go join is absolutely worth it. #GoFindYourPeople

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