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Celebrating Failure

I've done 2 other versions of this block print in the past..both versions were unsuccessful and not worth keeping or printing. So I had fingers and toes crossed hoping that version 3.0 matches the idea I have in my head....and if not was still worth it as a creative exercise strictly for the benefit of failing yet again.

Needless to say I did my "Hot diggity damn" dance when I pulled the first test print off this block....I love it when failure pays off. Finally figured out what I had to do to make this print match the version that lives in my head

I don't get why we never celebrate failure in western culture. You can't have success without it....if you respect failure you get to harness it is one of the most valuable learning experiences in life. And then it has a purpose and benefit beyond this thing we insist on using to measure our own shortcomings.....doesn't it make sense to see each failure as a step towards success?

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