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Winter Philanthropic Creative 2018

It is that season again everyone. That season where our Philanthropic Creative Store flings it's doors open and you get to gift to a wonderful organization everytime you buy art.

This year instead of inundating you with all the amazing art that you will be seeing, I wanted to talk to you about what La Gonave Community and Child Haiti and Hugabull Advocacy & Rescue society do with the money that you provide.

This year as part of the products available in the Philanthropic creative storefront we will have these awesome Punny Anatomy Greeting Cards available at $5 each. Now I know you are thinking....$5 only?!?!?! What a deal. But what if I told you that one card pays for 1/2 gallon of oil. Or 4 cards will get a microchip for a dog. Now doesn't it seem like an even better deal?

Now lets talk about the Abstract Critter Gold foil prints. Now if I was in the business of business I'd charge $40 per print. But I'm in the business of fundraising so I'll be listing them at $25 for the crawl. OOoooohhhh girl the deals just keep coming. But what does $25 get the organization we are pairing up with.

With La Gonave Community and Child Haiti it will:-

  • cover clean drinking water for a month per family.

  • one month of school for one child

  • one month of child home support

  • gifts of chickens, seeds or a water drum for various community members.

With Hugabull that money will cover

  • vaccines

  • microchips

  • partial costs to feed a dog for a month

Those prints are looking mighty good now aren't they.

Now if you are feeling all generous and stuff, lets say you decide to buy 10 prints or so....because are impressed by the amazing work that LGCCA and Hugabull do....and to a lesser degree love my work. That $250 you spend will pay for:-

  • 3 seperate emergency gifts of food, water, clothes, shoes for 3 seperate families via LGCCA

  • Better yet LGCCA could use that money to buys 2 goats for a community...yes I said it...GOATS

  • Hugabull would put that money to use it to pay for food and supplies for the first month of Foster care for a pup.

  • Or cover the cost of flying fly 4 different pups from an underserved community.

  • Or spay/neuter 3 different pups

Of course because I am a bit of a creative flake I will have 2 other mediums at the crawl. There will be encaustic pieces and there will be lino cut prints as well. My limited edition linocut prints will price from $40 to $60 and my encaustic pieces will range in price from $50 to $400.....and I say with absolutely no modesty that they are absolutely worth it at that price point. Again if I was in the business of business I'd be charging 3 times the price...true story. But I honestly want to clean out my studio and have the proceeds pay forward to a great cause.

So if you opt to get one of the larger priced items know that these big price items will go a long

way to helping the community of La Gonave because, in reality:-

$50 = One Sack of Rice + One Sack of beans with LGCCA


Vaccinations and microchips for 2 dogs with Hugabull

$100 = Emergency Supplement for severely malnourished child with LGCCA

$200 = One goat + 2 sacks of beans + 2 sacks charcoal with LGCCA

$300 = Wages for two Child Care provider at the Children's Home in La Gonave with LGCCA


Monthly cost of supporting a pup receiving compassionate end of life care with Hugabull

$400 = School tuition for 1 child + 3 chickens + Seeds + Water Drum + Water for 1 family with LGCCA

$500 = Two goats + 4 chickens + seeds + water drum + sack of rice + 2 bags of charcoal + sack of black beans + water with LGCCA


Basic Vetting for a dog in the care of Hugabull

$600 = Monthly food cost for the Children's Home with LGCCA


Emergency life saving surgery for a pup in the care of Hugabull

Pretty cool eh?

To buy some cool art while gifting these two charitable organizations, head over to the

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