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Freddy the Wonder Dog

A little over 4 years ago this goofball came into our lives. At the time I thought we were "rescuing" him. He came to us with a history that was painful, absolutely no concept of what living in a house meant. It wasn't unusual to walk in and find him lounging on the dining that is what it is intended for. That first year was a massive exercise in patience....ask me about the time he tore open a bag of icing sugar all over the living was like a bad scene from Scarface. All of this to say that I always thought we rescued him. Imagine my surprise when I realized that the opposite was the case. These last 3 years living with Bertha would have been absolute hell if not for him. His goofiness...eternal joy...nap buddy skills have been life saving. I don't know when it happened but without me noticing he morphed from Icing Sugar Scarface Crazy Puppy to Wonder Therapy Dog. Even now he is laying with me on the couch insisting that we watch Netflix and cuddle because I stupidly thought Bertha was up for Ikea yesterday...and she wasn't.

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