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The Human Reach

Before I thought of myself as an artist, a nurse before that, or back in my veterinary medicine days, I was an animal biologist. Twenty year old me had these great plans to go back home to East Africa and focus on the human impact on Ecology. As happens in life, I went a different way. But that doesn't mean that my first love is gone from my mind. It is there everyday on my mind; this explains the constant biology theme in most of my creative works.

As I've gotten older and watched the world change, more often than not, I get angry and frustrated at our human need/greed that is outpacing nature's ability to heal. I am not perfect by any means, I struggle on a day to day basis to minimize my own costly impact on the world around me.

I didn't realize how often my mind dwells on this until last week. It crushed me when Sudan the last Northern Male White Rhino passed away last week. Just crushed me. I'm so angry that some misdirected idiotic human need for Rhino Horn has led to the decimation of such a unique creature. Rhino Horn is keratin....that is all it is..what idiots we are to have killed off an entire species for what amounts to toe and finger nails.

So for I'm going to encourage you to watch the following TedTalks.

THE HUMAN REACH - 15 X 5.5 Linoprint on Heavyweight ColdPress Watercolour Paper

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