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Foggy night cure-alls

674 / 731 : So I'm having a Bertha Flare up and my usual ability to be observant as I walk down a street is on hold for now. Priority goes to walking a straight line and trying my best not to keel over. I had an interesting experience today at the train station. I stood at the entry gate trying to figure out how to use my transit pass...keep in mind I do this every day...multiple times a day. A young girl took pity on me and walked over and told me where to swipe my card. Embarrassed I mumbled my thanks and then proceeded to get on the wrong train...I went a whole 2 stops before I figured out that I was going in the opposite direction. Thank heavens for the weird humor quirk thingy that I possess...because it had me laughing like a loon all by myself while stood on the train platform..I was thinking...Man! I used to trust me to save lives, while walking, talking, and chewing I can't even trust me to walk straight and take the train at the same time. Fun times. But enough of what does it mean for my daily creative endeavor; it means I have to look for my photo of the day in quiet, low stimulation, peaceful places. Solution...foggy night photo's. Fair few days will be all be foggy night shots...brace yourselves.

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