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How do we spread the Freddy Friday wealth with the world?

"Prince" Freddy

Fred as "Prince"

The Freddy Friday craziness started about 14 months ago. I was doing a Project 365 (creating an image every day) and I was searching for inspiration. At least that is the excuse I used to start dressing up Fred every Friday. Truth was we did it because it is usually accompanied by a lot of laughter, bacon treats, drool and cursing in our household.

But soon enough it went from a weekly family giggle fest to a source of laughter and positivism for our friends and family. It also became a great way to build up our suspicious Carmela's confidence while doing some training. And when we had our car accident and I became house bound courtesy of my head injury, Bertha, it became a creative outlet and a source of pride for me.

Carmela as "John Snow"

I always thought that just our "people"....the weird circle we love being a part of....the same group that sends in Freddy Friday requests...that group was our only audience. But after the positive response Freddy's tribute to Prince got this week I realize it isn't just our "people" that get Fred and Carmela. Either both pups are appreciated by a whole lot more people than we ever thought....or our sphere of unique people just got bigger.

Freddy as "Mr. T"

So what has this epiphany that people outside our sphere of "Weird" enjoy them too taught us? We were blessed that we were able to adopt both our pups. And they have filled our lives with so much goodness. So in my world that means the universe demands that we share the wealth and keep everyone laughing.

We started down that road last year when we created greeting cards with Freddy Friday images with all proceeds from sale going to local dog rescue groups and La Gonave Community and Child Haiti (a Canadian non-profit that provides sustainable support in nutrition, education, healthcare, water access etc. to residents of La Gonave).

But this doesn't seem enough. We wanna be able to share the goodness that is these two crazy pups with the world. Take a look at the images that follow...seriously don't you think the world is a better place now that you've seen their beautiful crazy mugs?...No mama bias at all. So I humbly ask you all....any suggestions on how we can spread the Freddy/Carmela Friday wealth?

Carmela as "The Master of Disguise

Freddy as "Finn from Adventure Time"

Carmela as "The Donald"

Freddy as "Lawrence of Arabia"

Carmela as "Michonne "

Freddy as "Princess Leia"

Carmela as "Darth Vader"

Fred as a "Knight in Shining Armor"

Carmela as "Rosie the Riveter"

Fred as "Lucha-Freddy"

Carmela as "Princess Elsa"

Fred as "Gramma"

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