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10:10 March 2016

For this months 10:10 Blog entry, I thought I would share 10 images from a street photography walk I did last month.

So I went for a walk about and shoot with my lovely friend and fellow photographer Felicia. She really wanted to explore street photography in my hood so off we went to shoot the streets of the Downtown East side. Of course first thing I see is a bunch of crows and as I crouch to take the picture of one poised over a drumstick....his companion flies over him and defecates on his wing....classy...

Most of my street photography is driven by curiosity...I walk along and if my brain goes "I wonder what the story is with that?"....I dash off and photograph it. First story of the day was this 10 year old Pomeranian who gets babied and carried around in a bag....lucky little monkey.

Of course I love odd things...and odd sights. I'm really drawn to abandoned items and incomplete brain just wants to fill the gaps with fantastical stories. For instance, a phone booth that is no longer a phone booth.

And then there was the curious business of the building that was being torn down. For the life of me I can not figure out why the constructions workers would tear out the innards of the building...even break the glass....but leave the blinds up?!?

Odd isn't it?

So Felicia and I kept walking along when we spotted a frying pan with what looked like eggs in it. Of course my lack of glasses didn't help. Again curiosity reared its head so I look at the guy sitting beside the pan and go "What are those?"....."Are those golf balls?".....and that intro led into one of the more entertaining conversations of the day.

His name is Trevor....or he also goes by "Bubbles" (does a fantastic impression of the trailer park boys). He was surrounded by friends who were all teasing him....and of course that spilled over to us and pretty soon Felicia and I were getting razzed and laughing along with them. I love my city.

So after we left "Bubbles" we turned the corner and lo and behold there in front of me was a cowboy and his walker.

You know me....I couldn't resist...I went up introduced myself and started chatting him up. He told me his name was Brian, and gladly showed me his boots.

Such a handsome charmer, he said he was flattered that two young ladies were asking for his image.....but then again he attributes it to his new "haircut". "What haircut? Show me!" I said....and he pulled off his cowboy hat to show me a perfectly shaved head.

I know we are already at more 10 images....but the story had a few more shots I have to share

Most times when I am curious about someone I will walk over and introduce myself. But other times I surreptitiously take a portrait that invites its audience to be as curious as I am.

Of course a walk in the DTES would not be complete if we didn't go exploring down alley ways. And before you did not lift the lids to see if they were used...

And the end of our walk I came across one of my favorite curiosities....grafitti. Makes me wonder about this Thomas fellow

Thanks for joining me for this months 10:10 blog post. And now I would love to point you over to the awesome Marlene at Forever Young Photography, your next exciting stop on this blog circle.

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